Choosing a Pool Pump for the First Time

There is no point in installing and maintaining a swimming pool at home if you do not invest in a pool pump. It is the device designed to circulate water throughout your pool. It does the job by way of pulling the water via the skimmer and then later pushing it through the filter. Since Onga pool pumps are a critical component of maintaining a swimming pool, it is imperative that you acknowledge the time it needs replacement.

With regards to choosing the perfect replacement for a broken or damaged pool pump, the best thing you can do is talk to a trained technician or professional. Many swimming pool owners won’t think twice to purchase the most potent pump they can see out there to replace their old ones without knowing if it will bolster their needs. Before buying a pump, it is essential that you pick the one that will serve your needs. While a pump which is not that potent enough won’t be able to keep up, a pump which is way too big can also have its own set of problems as your filter and plumbing won’t be able to keep up with the flow rate. Hence, you will face added expense to your electrical bills, and your pipework and filter might get damaged.

It is essential for you to realise that the pool pump you choose should fit the size of your filter. For instance, if your pump is too large for your sand filter, the water won’t get filtered correctly and will create way too much pressure in the tank. Comparably, a too strong pump can put pressure on your cartridge filter failing your cartridge element. Connecting a powerful pump to a smaller filter is a great combination to generate a disaster. As a result, always keep in mind that you must select a pump that will perfectly suit your filter. Although you can use your existing pump as a reference, it would be great if you seek help from a professional to confirm if the pump you pick is the right one that can accommodate your needs.

Aside from the size, you also need to think about how long the pump requires to distribute all the water in the swimming pool. It is recommended that you consider the overall volume of your swimming pool once daily. You must be sure to choose Onga pool pumps which can do the job for at least eight hours. It is practical that you ask for the help of a certified pool technician when it comes to picking a pump for your pool most especially if you are not sure where to start. They are competent about all kinds of pumps, and these guys can supply you tips that will allow you to find the ideal dimension that will fit your filter.