Pointing at the Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

One of the things that parents are afraid of facing is when they realise their children have some troubles in communicating with other people. If your child seems to be challenged when it comes to speaking at an age when he or she is supposed to be already talking, then you should understand that there is a possibility of him or her suffering from a speech disorder.

Almost 5 percent of children ages 3 to 7 have a speech disorder that lasts for a week or longer, and 3.3 percent have a language disorder that occurs from a week or more during the past year. Fortunately, there is an effective intervention in the form of working with a speech therapist – ChildDevelopment.com.au.

Perhaps you are under the belief that speech and language problems are different from each other, what you didn’t know is the fact that they often intersect. While speech involves verbally expressing yourself and forming sounds and words, the language, on the other hand, encompasses the broader process of understanding other people and being understood in return with the use of both verbal and non-verbal communication. Although toddlers and child communication issues are different, you must give full attention to this problem to help them improve.

During your child’s first few years, you should keep an eye to them to see some signs if your child has communication issues. It is necessary for parents to educate themselves about both speech and language development for the sake of their beloved kids. To help you realise that your child is now having trouble with speech or language skills, we listed below some things that you should watch out.

  1. Failure to babble at age 4-7 months.

Babbling is a sign that your child is eager to talk, but if your baby is strangely quiet and you haven’t heard him produce or experiment any sound, this can be an early sign that your child has a language disorder.

  1. Your child cannot gesture.

Gestures such as pointing and waving are one of the ways of kids to express their selves. If your child is already 7-12 months old and still fails to show some gestures by himself, it is possible that your child has a language disorder.

  1. The child has difficulty with verbal requests.

Another sign that your child has speech disorder is if they have troubles comprehending simple spoken requests. Children ages 12 to 24 month should be able to understand simple types of words. Thus, if your daughter has difficulty in following your instructions, hiring a speech therapist – ChildDevelopment.com.au should become your priority.

  1. Your child does not know how to speak in sentences.

Kids start to put words together and form sentences at the age of 1.5 to 2 years old. If your toddler is genuinely struggling with formulating sentences, that might be a good reason to hire a speech therapist for him to overcome his language disorder.